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July 2017

The Youtube algorithm applied to search the word "Buddhism" appears to be very narrowly defined.
Just to broaden the search a little bit the below links lead to videos on Buddhism made by other than English-language 'uploaders'

What's the Difference Between Chinese and Korean Buddhism? | Ven Pomnyun's Dharma Q&A

The relationship between Ch'an Buddhism and Chinese culture(GDD-94 Master Sheng Yen)

Life Wisdom - Finding the Pure Land in Our Mind; By Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Reborn in Pure Land Real Stories; Buddhist Master Chin Kung

Zen Master Eido Roshi answers the question, 'Does God exist?'

A Teaching By Zen Master Jinen - The Fukan-Zazengi

Humanistic Buddhism in the Fo Guang Shan Monastery

A documentary about buddhism (Malaysia)

Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center

Burmese Meditation Method; Panditarama Meditation center established by Most Rev Mahasi Syadaw

Sayadaw U Thumingala: "Try to See the Truth" Tayardaw; in burmese

13th Tayapwe of TDS by Sitagu Sayadawgyi Dr ānissara on August 11, 2007 Day-1; in burmese

Bhante Gunaratana's Introduction to Meditation

Buddhism Rebounds in Mongolia

Lumbini birthplace of the Buddha; Hindu and Buddhist

Kushinagar[a] (where Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana) India

On the Path of the Buddha: Buddhist Pilgrimage in North India

Thai Buddhist monk Pramote - English (The Thai and Pali word 'sat' is here translated as 'mindfulness', which narrows this technical term too much)

Theravada Buddhism in Vietnam

Buddhism Meditation 3 Vietnam

Historical places of the Buddha, Impressions

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